Sunday, June 10, 2012

Combat boots?

I love combat boots because I think that they go with just about everything! You can wear them in the winter/fall with some jeans, you can wear them in the spring with a dress, and you can even wear them in the summer with some shorts. Lately its been hot, yet not so hot, so I've been wearing shorts with combat boots, and I've begun to really like the look. I have a pair of black combat boots, but I was looking online and these are some of my favorites:



  1. Neway By Beston Women's Legend-08 Brown Combat Boots for $33.99 Buy Now
  2. Neway By Beston Women's Legend-02 Brown Combat Boots for $37.99 Buy Now
  3. Sweet Beauty Women's Mid-calf Lace-up Boots for $41.49 Buy Now
  4. Sweet Beauty Women's Terra-01 Lace-up Combat Boots for $39.99 Buy Now
What do you think of these boots? 


  1. Combat boots all the way! THEY ARE THE BEST!!

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  2. loving your blog, keep it up!


  3. They are so cool!
    I remember only alternative and punk people used to wear them, but now its crazy, you can even wear them with a cute dress! :))


  4. yes combat boots are so versatile!