Tuesday, October 16, 2012

David Yurman Jewlery; Look for Less!

I love David Yurman Jewlery! But to be completely honest I don't really have that couple thousand dollars to spend on Jewlery.. so I've decided to make a post where you can find some Jewlery that's similar to David Yurman, but is priced a little less!

Here is the David Yurman ring that I am absolutely in love with!

David Yurman Pave Diamond Crossover Ring $1750 Buy Now

Since I don't have two thousand dollars to spend on a ring, I found some very similar rings that were a lot less money! 

1. Sterling Silver Crossover Diamond Ring from Amazon Buy Now  for $79.00
 2. 1/4 Carat TDW Diamond Cross-Over Ring in Sterling Silver from Walmart Buy Now for $69.00

And there's the "Look for less" for David Yurman Jewlery! Tell me what you think about the David Yurman ring along with the similar, and cheaper, rings! 



  1. Beautiful rings! Shame they're not in my price bracket! Thanks for your comment and follow, keep in touch xxx

  2. I love the designs. Now if I could just find a man... :D