Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes: Top 5 Best and Worst Dressed

I wasn't very impressed this year when looking at the 2013 Golden Globe red carpet dresses. Unfortunately I found a lot more dresses that I didn't like, than the ones I did like. Usually I don't do a worst dressed list, but I do a top 10 best dressed. The problem is I couldn't find 10 dresses that I actually really liked, so I'm doing top 5 best dressed and top 5 worst dresses. 

Top 5 best dressed: 
Jenifer Lawrence in Dior Couture
1. Jenifer Lawrence in Dior Couture - I really love this dress on Jenifer! I think the form of the dress really fits her, and I love the waist part of the dress and the belt. Looks beautiful and she was the best dressed on the runway for sure :)

Anne Hathaway in Chanel Couture
2. Anne Hathaway in Chanel Couture - I really love this dress on Anne, I think the simplistic but elegant look really works well for her. It also looks very good on her! By the way, for those of you who have not seen Les Miserables, it was a really great movie and she did a beautiful job!

Louise Roe
3. Louise Roe - This is a dress I could find myself wearing. I think it looks really great on her, and I love the lace and the slit on the side. The shoes also look really nice with the outfit. One thing I would chance is a different clutch, I don't really think her current one matches the dress.

Jessica Alba in Christian Dior 
4. Jessica Alba in Christian Dior - One reason I picked this dress to be on the top 5 list is because of the bottom. The collection of fabric at the bottom is really beautiful and I've always wanted to wear a dress like this! Her necklace really pulls the outfit together and makes it so elegant.

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen
5. Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen - I really like the form of this dress and the middle part. The bottom of the dress flows really well. 

Top 5 WORST dressed (eeeekkk): 

Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein 
1. Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein - Honestly, there's nothing I like about this dress, except maybe the color? if it was on a completely different dress. Its way to loose and open on the top, and it just looks like it doesn't fit right. Not a fan.

Alyssa Milano 
2. Alyssa Milano - Okay, first off, this color is horrendous. Also, the dress just looks like it was poorly made, with the belt being weirdly shaped. I do like her earrings though :)

Emily Mortimer in Jenny Packham
3. Emily Mortimer in Jenny Packham - This dress is too much of that one fabric/shiny material. It also doesn't look like it fits right, and has a very weird tight middle area. I do like the clutch though :)

Adele in Burberry
4. Adele in Burberry - This dress looks like its from a different century, and sometimes that can work, but not this time.

Sienna Miller in Erdem
5. Sienna Miller in Erdem - The flowers on this really aren't working. I like the form of the skirt so maybe if they look the flowers off that it would look decent, but I don't like the design or form of the top.

What did you think of the dresses this year at the 2013 Golden Globes? 



  1. My best dressed was the couple Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz! Just gotta love them.

    Also Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing.


  2. Totally agree! Only was my number one best dressed jessica alba, no one rocks peach like her.

  3. Totally agree with you- I reviewed a few of the gowns on my blog today; Jennifer looked gorgeous! And I absolutely hated Alyssa's gown- terrible on her!

    Hope you're well, lovely!


  4. I did not see Nicole Kidman's dress until this post and I actually like that dress on her. Jessica Alba was my favorite of the night though.

  5. Jessica Alba was my #1 best dressed, she's gorgeous and I love her dress. And I really dislike Sienna Millers dress... yikes


  6. hmm, i thought i had commented, but i don't see it, i used my tablet which is so unreliable! Its so much fun to critique these annual displays of finery, I love seeing other fashionistas' takes! I'm totally on board with your dislikes and most of your likes (esp Anne... so classy!)

  7. I adored Anne Hathaway's, but Marion Cotillard looked stunning.

    I'll be doing my Golden Globes post tomorrow! check it out!!

  8. Thanks for the comment! I think Jessica Albas dress is my favorite, its classy and simple :) xx

  9. I also agree with you! Jessica Alba was so beautiful in this dress, it was of my favourites.

    Julia xx

  10. I second you on all your dislikes..... Very nice post.. Cheers!!!!

  11. Anne hathaway looked gorgeous!!!! And I didn't think Adele's dress was THAT bad! Great post though :D


  12. Wonderful choices. Your dislikes are especially spot on.

    <3 Melissa

  13. Jessica Alba!!!!

    But I was totally disappointed with JLo!


  14. I like Anne Hathaway. She's stunning in her dress.

  15. Omg Alyssa Milano looks horrible, her stylist should be fired. Ridiculous!
    Jennifer Lawrence and Kerry Washington were two of my favourites looks of the night. I agree with you, I wasn't blown away by this years fashion at the Globes...which is a disappointment because the red carpet is my favourite part. Oh well, here's hoping the SAG's and Oscar will be better.


  16. I love all of your selections but I missed Jennifer lopez gown, did you like it?