Monday, January 14, 2013

Relax: My Monday Morning Outfit

Relax by thattallgirl2 featuring a cropped knit sweater

Topshop cropped knit sweater / Brooks Brothers knee socks / Oasis legging, $23 / Jeffrey Campbell leather heels, $160 / House of Harlow 1960 engravable silver bracelet / Fantasy Jewelry Box solitaire ring / Topshop REMI RELIEF Corduroy jacket, $565

My Monday morning outfit :) 

I just went on polyvore and created an outfit similar to what I'm wearing today. 
Don't you know those mornings when you're super tired? This morning was one of those mornings so I made sure I picked an outfit that was comfortable and relaxing!
What do you think?
<3 CC


  1. I'd really love a denim jacket like that!

    - Charlotte

  2. It`s cool and casual, throw on a burgundy shawl:)
    Fraquoh and Franchomme

  3. That looks very cool to just chill around in - lovely dear! <3

  4. I like it!! I'm kind of excited that denim is making a comeback. I used to hate it in shirts and jackets but now I'm seeing so many ways to use it!


  5. I love this! What's especially nice is that the jacket looks like a classic jeans jacket, but its corduroy, which makes it more unique. I love the snuggly scarf and the silver touches too.

  6. Love cozy and comfortable clothing! Especially in the winter! Xx
    Thank you for following! I'll follow you as well! :)