Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Best Dressed at the Emmys 2013

Good Morning beautiful people <3

Yesterday I was looking through the dresses celebrities wore during the Emmys and there were some that were completely stunning, yet others that made me cringe. I like to keep things positive here, so I'm only sharing the ones that are absolutely beautiful! 

Number one, best dressed at the Emmys is Kaley Cuoco wearing Vera Wang. She's probably most known for currently being on the Big Bang Theory (since 2007) and Charmed (1996-2006). I love this dress because it has a perfect amount of sheer material around the waist, and the material at the bottom of the dress is layered and designer perfectly. I would buy this dress in a second!

I would have to say number two is Heidi Klum in a gorgeous Versace dress! It has a very interesting design and texture and, clearly, it looks stunning on her.

Third best dressed in my opinion is Kerry Washington in Marchesa. I think this dress is very pretty and I love the flower design going down the front of the dress and down the train. The second two little white bands under the top of the dress really create a great form as well!

For fourth best dressed is Giuliana Rancic in an embellished periwinkle gown. Not only is the shape and color of this dress beautiful, but it fits her body type and looks stunning.

My fifth favorite is Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren. Although this might seam like a forgettable dress, which I believe it might be, it still looks amazing on her and its better than many of the dresses I saw, which will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. 

Who do you think was best dressed at the Emmys? Do you like my choices? Let me know! 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look For Less! Say Goodbye to Summer, Fall is Coming Quick, but Don't Kill Your Wallet!

I know I'm going to miss summer clothes, but from looking at the new fashion styles for when the weather gets cooler, I'm not so worried! I've found a gorgeous and chic outfit from Gucci, and then created a look that's quite similar but won't kill your wallet.

Here's a beautiful Gucci outfit perfectly made for when it gets cold, which I can tell you its started to in New York City!
1. Wool and python high neck top - Buy here ($1,900)
2. Prince of wales mohair cape coat - Buy here ($2,600)
3. Leather bracelet with lock closure - Buy Here ($635)
4. Women's long leather gloves - Buy Here ($525)
5. Stretch denim leggings with leather waistband - Buy Here ($850)
6. Kim leather lace up bootie - Buy Here ($995)
** See the full outfit here **
(Total $7,505)

Now while spending a long time searching online I've found a very similar outfit for a lot less money!
1. Charming on the Quad Cape - Buy Now ($42.99)
2. Ellie Turtleneck from Chico's - Buy Now ($59.00)
3. Long Leather Gloves - Buy Now (Sale for $5.95)
4. Real Black Leather Woven Bracelet - Buy Now ($10.98)
5. G-Star Contour Skinny Jean - Buy Now ($168.76)
6. Charles's by Charles David - Buy Now (Sale for $34.99)
(Total $322.67)

If you love this look and decide to get the "Look For Less" you save $7,182.33 You're welcome :)
Tell me what you think of this look!

<3 Colleen

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loraimy Rodriquez NYFW 2013

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't been posting much, I promise I will post much more often! As some, but probably few, of you know I do some modeling and I had the pleasure to walk for Loraimy Rodriquez on September 10th modeling her new line during New York Fashion Week. Her line encompass stunning pieces that show off her hard work and dedication. I'll start by showing you the dress that I modeled during the show, then go on to showing you all my top 3 favorite pieces (besides the dress I wore, it would have to be my favorite, I am absolutely in love with it!) in no particular order! (It was so hard to pick!!)

This is me! <3 The Material of this dress is so elegant and I love how the design looks so simple yet when you look close at it you see the beautiful complexity of it.

Now for my favorite looks from the others! I have to tell you this took me quite a while to pick. 

For one of my favorites I would have to pick this one, I really love the look of high wasted shorts with a shorter shirt. 

Another one of my faves is a gorgeous long dress, which looked stunning on the model and worked perfectly with the little addition of the hat, and the little gold spikes on the shoulders added some edge to the elegance of the look.   

Another favorite is simple fabric, yet an interesting shape, and again we see the gold spikes on the shoulders which add perfectly to this piece. And I love that bow! So cute. 

Lastly this is me and some other models with the gorgeous designer Loraimy (third from the left) after the show!

Y'all should definitely keep up with Loraimy and her work, you can like her facebook page here
Also, all of these amazing photographs were taken by Eric Jaiju Lee, you can like his facebook page here.

Thanks for reading! Love ya :)

Colleen <3 (I've decided to go with my real name in place of CC)