Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Phone Cases Can Be Fashionable Too!

When you think of fashion you probably only think of clothes, shoes, bags, and other typical items of clothing or accessories. But when you really think about it, phone cases are a part of fashion, in fact, many designers have created a line of phone cases. I especially like Kate Spade's phone cases, as I have one on my phone right now! I've also used Kate Spade cases in the past and they are good cases, as well as being very fashionable.

The one on the right ($24.99) was the one I used to have and the one on the left ($40.00) is on my phone now! 

Here are some more of my favorite designer cases that I plan to get in the future:

1. Coach Legacy Leather Molded Iphone 4 Case, $58 (Buy here)
2.  Coach Signature Iphone 4 Case, $38 (Buy here)
3. Ugg Jane Phone Sleve, $50 (Buy here)    

Tell me what you think about these chic cases! Do you plan on getting some designer cases in the future?


Thursday, November 14, 2013

To Buy A Pair of Shoes in 24 Hours:

I just joined which is a site where you can buy super cute shoes for just $39.95! Whats super crazy though is within the first 24 hours that you join everything is just $19.95. So here I am frantically searching the site for a pair, and I only have 24 hours....... so I need your help! Which pair should I buy?

 I really love this boot because its simple, and has a heel (which I love!) Check it out here

This boot would be great because they'd be really warm and perfect for the winter, but I have no idea what color I would get! Check it out here 

These boots are super cute, have a good heel, and I could wear them with a lot. But again, totally stumped with what color to get. Check it out here

What boots do you think I should get? I have to pick in less than 24 hours!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Outfit Post: School Girl Vibe

This is my first outfit post! (: The other day I wore a plaid little skirt and a heavy sweater with some knee high socks and boots. Although not a school girl uniform, it could definitely look like one. My friend and I took tons of pictures of my outfit, here are my favorites:

We saw this cool light and shadows and had to take that opportunity to take some artsy pictures! 

Get the look! Now I bought the skirt and sweater a while ago, so I'm not quite sure they're still for sale, but I did find a similar outfit and put it together on Polyvore. The boots, however, are from Aerosoles and I included in the Polyvore outfit. 

Casual School Day

I would really love your opinion! Let me know what you think. 


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas is Coming Soon!

Most of the time all my posts are only about fashion, and don't worry I'll incorporate fashion in this one too but I just thought I'd tell you I created a Christmas music Pandora station today and have been listening to it all day! I'm in such a Christmas mood and am feeling some Christmas spirit.

In this post I'm going to share two of my all time favorite Christmas songs and share with you a silly yet chic holiday outfit.

Its really so hard to pick my two favorite Christmas songs, as I probably love every single one of them, but here are two of my favorites.

Walking In a Winter Wonderland Wonderland by Bing Crosby:

My Grown Up Christmas List by Kelly Clarkson:

I created a cute little Christmas outfit on Polyvore and added some Christmas gifts as well! The "Have A Cherry Christmas" lip shine would be a super cute Christmas gift! 
Let It Snow

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season! And I know it may be a little too early for thinking about Christmas, but it will be here as soon as you know it.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Stila: Color Me Glossy

Happy November everyone!! Hope your first few days in one of my favorite months has been going well. November is my birthday month, at the end of the month, and a few weeks ago I got an early birthday present from my aunt....... lip gloss!! She must know me well because I own probably over 50 tubes of lip gloss and I'm absolutely obsessed. 

This new kind that she got me is by Stila and you can find it in Sephora! Don't worry, I got the link for ya right here! What's great about this lip gloss is it has flavors and scents so its super fun. This set has nine 0.45oz tubes in Cranberry, Persimmon, Melon, Dazzleberry, Wildberry, Strawberry Cream, Passion Fruit, Kaleidoscope, and Amaretto. My favorite is the Cranberry, as I usually love to wear red on my lips. 

How I wear it: I love this gloss but it is really glossy and at times sticky so what I like to do is wear a base coat of Soft Lips Vanilla, or sometimes Raspberry, and then apply Stila gloss after. You can find Soft Lips at your drug store, but click here for their website.  

I really recommend Stila, its a fun and cute gloss and there's a color for every occasion!

Happy November :) 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Goes With This? New Site Turns Online Shopping Into Absolute Perfection

In this day and age online shopping has become more common, but one of the problems is you don't get to have the luxury of your friends tagging along and giving their opinion. On the other hand its so easy to find things that you'd like to pair up with your outfits. Well, thanks to the site What Goes With This,, one of the main concerns with online shopping has been eliminated!

What Goes With This is a site where you can talk to other fashionable and stylish people about what you buy before you buy it, how to accessorize an item, or what else to wear with a piece of clothing.

One thing that I think is awesome is you can post a dress, for example, and ask how you can add pieces of clothing and accessories to make the dress perfect for certain occasions, like a first date, a night in the city, or a casual shopping day! The fashion community on the site, as I've seen myself, has given great advice to people!

I just made an account yesterday and its been really hard to get off it! I've posted so far two dresses which I've asked people what they think would go with these dresses, as well as helped out a few people by posting recommendations on what they can pair with items to create a chic outfit!

Its free and takes two seconds to sign up! Sign up here, and then follow me here and I will follow all of you back.

This is what the homepage looks like! How cute is it! I love the pink <3

Make sure you check out the site, make an account, and share it with all your friends!


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