Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Phone Cases Can Be Fashionable Too!

When you think of fashion you probably only think of clothes, shoes, bags, and other typical items of clothing or accessories. But when you really think about it, phone cases are a part of fashion, in fact, many designers have created a line of phone cases. I especially like Kate Spade's phone cases, as I have one on my phone right now! I've also used Kate Spade cases in the past and they are good cases, as well as being very fashionable.

The one on the right ($24.99) was the one I used to have and the one on the left ($40.00) is on my phone now! 

Here are some more of my favorite designer cases that I plan to get in the future:

1. Coach Legacy Leather Molded Iphone 4 Case, $58 (Buy here)
2.  Coach Signature Iphone 4 Case, $38 (Buy here)
3. Ugg Jane Phone Sleve, $50 (Buy here)    

Tell me what you think about these chic cases! Do you plan on getting some designer cases in the future?



  1. LOVE the case with the eyes, so chic! xx

  2. A primeira é tão giraaa!

    xx MJ