Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Goes With This? New Site Turns Online Shopping Into Absolute Perfection

In this day and age online shopping has become more common, but one of the problems is you don't get to have the luxury of your friends tagging along and giving their opinion. On the other hand its so easy to find things that you'd like to pair up with your outfits. Well, thanks to the site What Goes With This, http://whatgoeswiththis.co, one of the main concerns with online shopping has been eliminated!

What Goes With This is a site where you can talk to other fashionable and stylish people about what you buy before you buy it, how to accessorize an item, or what else to wear with a piece of clothing.

One thing that I think is awesome is you can post a dress, for example, and ask how you can add pieces of clothing and accessories to make the dress perfect for certain occasions, like a first date, a night in the city, or a casual shopping day! The fashion community on the site, as I've seen myself, has given great advice to people!

I just made an account yesterday and its been really hard to get off it! I've posted so far two dresses which I've asked people what they think would go with these dresses, as well as helped out a few people by posting recommendations on what they can pair with items to create a chic outfit!

Its free and takes two seconds to sign up! Sign up here, and then follow me here and I will follow all of you back.

This is what the homepage looks like! How cute is it! I love the pink <3

Make sure you check out the site, make an account, and share it with all your friends!


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  1. This is a great idea. It's a great way to gain insight on different styling ideas.

  2. This is amazing! I'm going to make an account now!

  3. this is awesome. Thank you for sending me the link :)X