Thursday, December 12, 2013

Angela & Roi: Fashion for a Cause

Angela & Roi is a handbag company created by a couple, Angela and Roi Lee, which is dedicated not only to making fashionable bags, but donating to charity. Their handbags are grouped by color, and each color stands for a cause. When you buy a handbag 5 dollars is donated to the charity corresponding to the color! All of their partners are non-profit organizations, so you know that all the money is really being used for good. 

Colors/Causes (from their website): Click the color to see all the bags in that color!

Red - AIDS
"We Donate to the cause to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States, through national, regional and local policy and giving people living and affected by HIV/AIDS access to necessary resources and care."

Orange - Kidney Disease 
"We donate in order to support preventing kidney and urinary tract disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation."

Grey - Diabetes 
"We donate to connect, engage, and empower people touched by diabetes." 

Purple - Alzheimer's Disease 
"We donate to support care for the millions affected by Alzheimer's and for research on Alzheimer's disease." 

Green - Anxiety and Depression 
"We donate to promote prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders through education, practice, and research."

Brown - Cancer 
"We donate to educate individuals for preventative measures against cancer, provide treatments for those struggling with cancer, and work toward a cure for cancer."

Blue - Colon Cancer
"We donate to increase screening rates and survivorship for colon cancer."

Gold (Yellow) - Childhood Cancer 
"We donate to improve the lives of children and adolescents with cancer with support services and care."

Pink - Breast Cancer 
"We donate to save lives through early detection, increase awareness through education, provide diagnostic breast care services for those in need, and provide nurturing support services."

Black - Melanoma (Skin Cancer)
"We donate to support medical research in finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma, and also educate patients and physicians about prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of melanoma."

White - Lung Cancer 
"We donate to provide support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for the disease and hope to help reduce lung cancer mortality in the near future." 

So as you can see not only are these all great causes, but the bags are absolutely stylish! Check them out: 

My two favorites here are the last red bag and the pink bag in the fifth picture! I'm definitely considering buying some of these bags, and even giving them gifts for Christmas. 

Everyone should check out the website now, and follow them on their social media sites: 

Twitter @AngelaAndRoi
Instagram @AngelaAndRoi

Go shop Angela & Roi (:


P.S. - I recently made a facebook page for my blog! I would love if you'd like it to show your support, thanks so much to all my readers! <3

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kidecals: The Fashionable Label

Thanks to Kidecals, I was given the opportunity to try out beautiful fashionable labels! Kidecals has all things ranging from school labels, to canning labels, to wall decals, and even to keycals, which are stylish stickers for your laptop keyboard.
Searching their website I was amazed at how many label designs they had, and I immediately thought to get stickers for my blog! I searched through their round name labels and found the exact design I had envisioned. When you pick a label you like, you just type in what you want it to say and it shows up on the sticker on the website so you know exactly what you will get. You can change the size of the text as well as the position.
What I designed on their website!

Check out the stickers I received in the mail Saturday:

Aren't they so cute!!
I immediately put the sticker on my computer! (:

One of the coolest things on Kidecals was the keycals for sure! If you have a mac keyboard I would definitely recommend these. I'm getting a mac soon hopefully and I know the first thing I'll do is go to Kidecals and get my keycals!

This one is my favorite, like all Kidecals its waterproof! (Its also only 16 dollars, and they have tons of styles! Click here to check it out!)

For all my fellow bloggers I definitely recommend stickers with your URL, its a super cute addition to your computer! Also, check out everything else they have, labels for literally anything. Check out their website now!

Have a wonderful day! 


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Studio Gear Holiday Makeup Set

Hey Everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving, for all my American readers. I know I sure did! Can't go wrong with eating tons of food and spending time with family.

A few days ago I received my Studio Gear Cosmetics Holiday Smokey Eye Palette! I was so excited when I saw that little package arrive at my doorstep.

The colors are absolutely gorgeous and go perfectly together for a beautiful smokey eye! With the holidays coming up, I know I will definitely use this warm look. 

I put on the makeup this morning and was delighted about how nicely the colors mixed together. I had to take a bunch of selfies and make a little collage to show you guys how the makeup looks on! 

Because you are my wonderful readers, you will get a reader discount if you want to purchase this smokey eye palette! All you have to do is go to their site, and use the discount "SGHOLIDAY", this discount gives you 10% off. I definitely recommend this, especially with the holiday season coming up, as its perfect winter makeup. Even share the holiday cheer and get it for any girl in your life! 

I hope you guys will join me in wearing Studio Gear makeup! 


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