Monday, February 2, 2015

Finally Starting My Scrapbook

Happy Monday Morning!

Although its Monday morning I'm feeling quite cheery for some odd reason (usually mornings aren't quite my thing).

For the past couple years I've been trying to start up scrapbooking but I've never actually started. Recently, I got two scrapbooks from my Mom, one for my freshman year of College and another for my boyfriend and I, and I wanted to share with you some pretty awesome stickers and supplies I got for christmas from my Grandmother!

Left: Scrapbook for my boyfriend and I; Right: Scrapbook for my freshman year!
I also got a pretty cool "Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking Tools & Techniques"
One of my favorite parts: Gems and Sparkles! 
Pretty cool ribbons :)

I thought this was cool because I go to Bama, and its a HUGE football school!

Lastly, I got a paper cutter cause I sure can't cut straight and if its crooked I'll go crazy!
Starting off with all these cool supplies I hope my scrapbook starts off well! Wish me good luck and feel free to give me some tips and ideas. I would love to know how you scrapbook :)



  1. This looks fun, Colleen! Can't wait to see how it turns out!! :)

  2. I look forward to see what you have done ;)

    With Love from D'Oliveira Fashion Blog! <3

  3. LOVE SCRAPBOOKING! It can become so addicting! I make one every year for my boyfriend. Good way to remember good times!

    XO, Rachel