Friday, July 3, 2015

Scrapbooking: Where to Start

Taking a photo of a moment captures that moment for forever, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do. I started scrapbooking a few months ago and now I'm almost done with my very first scrapbook. The focus of this one is my boyfriend and I and our first year of college. I want to share a couple of pages with you and give you a pretty good list of what you need to make an awesome scrapbook!
Here's the cover of my scrapbook! Pick a photo that you love that represents what the scrapbook is about <3
Since football is super big at our school I put a bunch of photos with red boarders on a red scrapbooking sheet and added some cool football stickers as well as a list of all our home games!

This halloween page is one of my absolute favorites because of the adorable little cop stickers I got! It was such a fun night and I incorporated the typical halloween colors with the scrapbooking paper and photo boarders. 
Of course this is one of my favorite pages because this is one of my favorite moments. I added tons to the page using ribbon, stickers, and boarders. 
Now, I totally recommend making your own scrapbook and here's a pretty helpful list of what you'll need to get started!

  1. Scrapbook! (Obviously) Good thing is Michaels sells a ton of them and if you catch them on sale you can find some for only $15.00. 
  2. Boxes to put all your scrapbooking materials in! (I got these 7 for $10 at Michaels and they're online now for $3.99! However the selection might be better in store. Click here
  3. Recollections adhesive runner! This is a MUST. Glue can make everything look terrible if there's too much AND sometimes the edges aren't glued down enough. However, with this its like little double sided sticky dots that perfectly seal a photo, or whatever you want, onto the page. (Get it here from Michaels) 

  4. Extra scrapbook album refills! The scrapbook itself only comes with a few pages so you'll definitely want to add more. (You can get them at Michaels as well! Hint: Make sure you pick the right size) 
  5. A paper cutter. This will be super helpful because it will drive you crazy if your photos and boarders aren't evenly cut; or at least it drives me crazy! The one I have is great because its not to big, and the perfect size for scrapbooking! (also found at Michaels
  6. Scrapbook paper! I've gotten most of my scrapbooking paper either from Michaels or Target. You also want to get some construction paper as photo boarders to add more depth to the page. 
  7. Of course something to put the scrapbooking paper in! Michaels has specially made containers for scrapbooking paper so its easy to store, and they also have a ton of other cool storing options. 
  8. Lastly, stickers and ribbons and more! Two of my favorite ways to decorate my scrapbook is using stickers and ribbons. Michaels always has a ton of sticker selections in store, but you an also go to their website and search the selection there. Get excited, they have stickers for pretty much anything and everything!

If you don't already scrapbook, I hope you try it out and like it just as much as I do! And I also hope this post helps you out!

Good Luck!



  1. i used to love doing this but fell out of it, yours looks great!

    danielle | avec danielle | instagram

  2. Scrapbooking is a terrific way to save treasured memories. I think your book has such a creative touch. I have never tried scrapbooking but I have friends that do it as a hobby.


  3. This is cute...I love scrap-booking, it's so much fun :)) xx

  4. Such a great idea! I recently bought an album photo so I'll make sure to start printing pictures soon andeverything ;) xx

    Selina from

  5. Beautiful! What a lovely idea it is to do a scrapbooking with all the cute moment you share together!

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